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Classes & On The Job Training

Available in and around Dillsburg, PA.

ROCKSTAR is excited to provide On The Job Training & Classes EXCLUSIVELY to Central Pennsylvania's Homeschool Community. We are owned & operated by a homeschool family and we believe 'life is a classroom'.

On The Job Training


On the Job Training

There is a huge skill gap and it's getting wider every year. There are more jobs than ever for tradesmen & women. Being able to take care of your own home offers you a savings for life, and if you have the skills necessary - you can find a job anywhere.

Our On The Job (OTJ) Training program brings an opportunity to learn right to your door. Need to call a plumber or electrician? Call Rockstar and learn right alongside our technician. As he completes the work, you receive expert service, solution, & hands on education in your home. 


We are based in Dillsburg, PA and service surrounding areas. This opportunity is available to all homeschool families within our service area. Give us a call to see if we come to you!

There are many jobs that provide an excellent learning opportunity with our technician. A few include:

Whole house inspections of:

  • plumbing & electrical systems 

  • garbage disposal 

  • water heater 

  • sink/faucet 

  • water treatment

  • and more.

Drain Clearing

Sewer & Water Line Camera Inspection

Outlets & Switches

Indoor/Outdoor Lights & Ceiling Fans

Hanging Items on the Wall; Drywall, Concrete, etc.

Blown Attic Insulation

Air Filter Replacement

Other Basic Home Maintenance 



Do you have a group that wants to learn? Are you an individual with a project in mind? Classes can be put together based on your needs. 

Subjects offered in the past include:

  • Soldering

  • Welding

  • Electrical

  • Basic Carpentry

Contact us to see what we can create. The only limit is your imagination!

Shop is located in Dillsburg, PA.

Pricing is per class and is dependent upon materials, time, and number of students. Contact us for more details.

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