Providing Superior Plumbing Service to Dillsburg, Mechanicsburg,

Camp Hill, and Surrounding Areas.

Your Rockstar Technician knows water!  We will test your water, whether it is from a well or a public water supply.  Buying or selling a home in central PA and want to know what's in your water?  We do that, too!

We will do on site water testing for Hardness, PH (Acid), Iron & Chlorine.  Our partners at the lab will test for bacteria (Coliform / E coli), Fluoride & Dissolved minerals (Manganese).


Some of the available solutions:

  •      UV Disinfection for Bacteria - safe drinking water.

  •      Chlorine Removal - "city" water treatment for taste & odor.  

  •      Softening & Mineral Removal - reduces build-up on fixtures.

  •      Acid Neutralizing (PH) - protects your plumbing system & appliances.

  •      Iron Removal - taste & odor found in well water.

  •      Sediment Filters - remove sediment and discoloration from well water.

  •      Reverse Osmosis - 99.9% pure water to a counter faucet & refrigerators with ice/water.

               Contact us and ask for a complimentary water analysis to discuss your water.