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well pumps

Hey Central PA... at Rockstar, we know what a big deal it is when your well pump fails. We offer well pump pulling, replacements, diagnostics, troubleshooting, and upgrades. Our Rockstar Plumbers arrive with a fully stocked truck for same day repair service and replacements so you can have the power to scour in the shower!! TODAY.


Maybe you are running out of water, or there is air in the water when you run it. Sometimes, you might feel the pressure drop when you're in the shower. Then there's the yuckiest - dirty water!! These are the problems with old or failing well pumps. Our experts can evaluate the situation now, before you're stuck with shampoo and no rinse!

Why wait for a problem? A Rockstar Plumber will come to you and review the function, safety and condition of your well system. This will assure you have water when you need it.

Is your water system not keeping up with your family? Inconsistent pressure throughout your home, especially with multiple fixtures running, is a common problem of older systems not designed for today's busy families.

No more flush with a hot water rush! Your shower maintains power no matter the hour! Constant pressure pumping solutions will deliver water throughout your home and eliminate pressure drops.  We offer many constant pressure upgrade solutions and specially engineered systems for homes that run out of water. These are custom systems are designed in house by our plumbing guru that has been factory trained. 

On "city" water and wanting more pressure? We do that too! 

Our water booster systems INCREASE pressure throughout the home. These are also ideal for water delivery to exterior buildings such as a garage, work shop, or the pool house.